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What is De Rose Method?

The DeRose Method is behaviour management regimen, which develops your daily performance in all areas while enhancing your quality of life. It teaches techniques which strengthen the physical structure of the practitioner and concepts which improve relationships on a personal level, as well as in your profession and community. 

The benefits of our method

Our lifestyle is set away from the complexities of the modern world, so you can enjoy the serene environment as you take some time for yourself. We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service, there will always be someone on hand to answer any questions.

Best Lifestyle Coaching in London

A haven from life in London, Derose Method offers offers a range of services to keep you happy and relaxed. Come speak to one of our trained nutritionists or fitness instructors and we can advise on a programme that’s tailored to you. Or simply book an afternoon on 02035606863 to enjoy the facilities – we many relaxing options ready for you. 


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